Engageware has the most customers and has created the most appointments in the industry
Appointments Created and Counting

Turn interest into action across every channel

Make it easy for your prospects and customers to connect with you at their point of peak interest. With Engageware’s user-friendly, intuitive scheduler, customers can connect to the resources they need at the time and location that suits them.

✓ Book appointments across multiple channels
✓ Get more high-value appointments
✓ Increase the efficiency of your operations

Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling to fit every need

Scheduler for Enterprise

Solve the challenge of scheduling multiple locations, staff and resources built for organizations that need a highly scalable and secure solution.

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Scheduler for Salesforce

Combine the worlds #1 CRM and #1 Appointment Scheduling platform to book meetings instantly with prospects and customer right within Salesforce.

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Scheduler Core Capabilities

Omnichannel Scheduling

Connect with customers at their moment of peak interest by providing a service guarantee from any channel at any time.

Smart Resource Matching

Match the requirements of each appointment request with the team member and resources necessary for each customer.

Appointment Routing

Ensure the appropriate resource is matched to each appointment by pairing your customers with the employee best qualified.

Pooled Resource Management

Maximize appointment availability by dynamically publishing employee availability in one easy-to-read calendar.

1-on-1 & Team Meetings

Simplify scheduling by displaying your personal availability with only the times that everyone is available.

Custom Availability

Customize availability by offering fully open availability, rolling availability, a set date range, or choose specific dates and times.

Configurable Rules

Adapt your appointment process with easily configurable business rules, timeframes and appointment limits.

Personal Calendar Sync

Stay up to date with your teams’ personal calendars. Two-way integration with the most popular calendaring systems.

Automated Reminders

Reduce no-show rates and ensure customer satisfaction with customized post-appointment follow-ups.

Web/Video Conferencing

Create unique, private web conference meetings automatically for each appointment type.

Reporting and Analytics

Get clear insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts—from acquisition online to post-appointment service.

CRM Connector

Be confident that data captured during the booking process – and the impact it has on your sales funnel into your CRM.

Match your resources with customer expectations

Ensure the unique requirements of every appointment request are routed to the team members and resources that can best help your customer.

✓ Answer questions and solve problems faster
✓ Compile locations, skills and availability on one calendar
✓ Improve every stage of the customer journey

Increase show rates and engage customers

Engageware’s text and email notifications increase the chances that your prospects and customers will show for their appointments and makes it easy for them to reschedule if necessary. Your team members are properly prepared, availability times are accounted for and moved automatically – and you connect with as many prospects and customers as possible without wasting a minute.

Learn the key questions your business should be asking when considering any appointment scheduling solution.

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Stay Connected, wherever you are.

Engageware’s Scheduler platform makes it easy for your users to connect virtually with customers, prospects, and colleagues. With support for personal meeting links and integrations with providers such as Vidyo, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, POP I/O, Join.me, Google Hangouts, Invo Video Banking and Microsoft Teams. Engageware Scheduler allows administrators to create virtual appointment types, independent of locations, that allow staff from call centers or remote locations host virtual meetings by phone or video conference.

Intelligent appointment scheduling that
drives measurable growth for your business

Engageware’s online scheduling solutions help you create personalized, high-value interactions that connect prospects and customers with the right person in your organization at the peak of their interest.

Engageware Appointment Scheduling has enabled Logix to better meet the needs of our growing member base, provide a higher level of service to them, and produce more new accounts and loans, through our existing cost structure.

Logix Federal Credit Union

Senior Vice President Sales & Retail Banking

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